Several Uses Of Paraformaldehyde Powder

Posted by Admin on May, 27, 2023

White crystalline powder known as paraformaldehyde is widely utilised in several industries. It is a formaldehyde polymer that is frequently used as a preservative for food and medicines. It is also used as a disinfectant and fixative for biological tissues. We'll talk about the several uses for paraformaldehyde powder by paraformaldehyde powder manufacturers in this post.


Since paraformaldehyde has potent antibacterial characteristics, it is frequently used as a disinfectant. It is a popular option for cleaning surfaces, medical equipment, and lab equipment. This is because it is effective against a wide variety of germs, viruses, and fungi. Additionally, it is utilised to disinfect water in water treatment facilities.

Biological Tissue Fixative

Fixing biological tissues with paraformaldehyde by a paraformaldehyde powder supplier is a widespread practice. For microscopic investigation, it is utilised to retain the morphology of cells and tissues. It functions by crosslinking the tissue's proteins and nucleic acids, which stabilises the cell structure and stops cell deterioration. In histology, pathology, and cell biology, paraformaldehyde is often employed.

Food And Pharmaceutical Preservatives

Food and medicines both employ paraformaldehyde as a preservative. It is efficient against a variety of pathogens that can lead to contamination and deterioration. It is frequently employed in the manufacture of drinks, baked goods, and canned goods. To stop bacterial contamination and proliferation, it is also employed in the manufacturing of medications.

Manufacturing Of Resins

Paraformaldehyde Powder is a vital component in making resins. It is utilised to create phenolic resins, which have a wide range of uses, including adhesives, coatings, and moulding compounds. It is also used to make urea-formaldehyde resins. These are used to make medium-density fiberboard, particleboard, and other types of wood products.

Making Of Pesticides

Pesticides are made using paraformaldehyde. It is used to make methylene-bis-thiocyanate (MBT), a vital component of several fungicides and herbicides. MBT is frequently used in agriculture and is effective against a variety of pests.

Making Of Dyes

To make dyes, paraformaldehyde is employed. Reactive dyes, which are widely used in the textile sector, are created using it. Reactive dyes may be used to create a variety of colours and are very long-lasting.Reactive dyes have a high degree of reactivity with the fabric's fibres. This produces a finish that is extremely robust and colourfast. The stability, longevity, and fading resistance of reactive dyes are all enhanced by the use of paraformaldehyde in their manufacturing.

Rubber Manufacturing

Paraformaldehyde is also a component in rubber manufacturing. It is employed in the creation of resorcinol-formaldehyde latex, a crucial component in the creation of synthetic rubber. Due to its great durability, resorcinol-formaldehyde latex is frequently utilised in the manufacture of tyres and other rubber goods.

Final Words

The uses for paraformaldehyde powder are numerous. It functions as a disinfectant, and fixative for biological tissues, food and pharmaceutical preservatives. It is also a vital component in the manufacture of resins, insecticides, dyes, and rubber. Due to its adaptability and efficiency, it is a necessary component in many sectors. Since paraformaldehyde powder can be hazardous to the skin, eyes, and lungs, it is crucial to handle it carefully.

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